New Year Resolutions for Oral Health

New Year Resolutions for Oral Health

Posted by NATURAL SMILES on Jan 4 2023, 11:45 PM

New Year Resolutions for Oral Health

A new year means a new chance to try to achieve your resolutions, right? With the winter holidays behind us, it’s time to get motivated again! One of the most common resolutions people set is to lose weight and get in shape through exercise. If you’ve resolved to exercise more regularly this year, focus on good oral health before you head out for that workout. New Year’s resolutions usually include ways to better your health and appearance.

New Year Resolutions

Here are several great new year’s resolutions you can make to improve your smile in 2023 and beyond!

  • Do yourself a favor and make time to clean those pearly whites twice a day! This habit will keep you smiling all year long.
  • Floss your teeth at least twice each day, especially before bedtime.
  • Throw away your toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if the bristles are frayed.
  • See your dentist for a routine cleaning and checkup at least twice a year. Your dentist can check for tooth decay, cavities, and other signs of oral health issues during your annual dental checkup. However, you should see your dentist if you experience any symptoms of a problem like toothaches or bleeding gums. 
  • Limit snacking between meals, and choose healthy snacks instead. Stick to water to prevent dry mouth.
  • Limit sugary foods and drinks like soda and candy, which can increase your risk of tooth decay. 
  • Try adding crunchy fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples to your diet to help remove plaque and strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Quit smoking or using tobacco products altogether. Smoking can wreak havoc on your smile, increasing your risk for gum disease, oral cancer, tooth decay, and more.
  • Practice good oral hygiene habits at home to protect your teeth and gums. Always use a soft-bristled brush and toothpaste for your dental health routine.

That completes this ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ oral health. We hope we’ve helped motivate you to keep your resolution to get fit this year! And don’t forget to let us know if you ever have questions about your dental health. We love hearing from our patients!

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