Natural Dentistry

Natural Dentistry

Natural or biological dentistry is quickly gaining popularity as people are looking for more biocompatible solutions as alternatives to conventional dental treatments. As dentists, we understand that the body and the mouth are interconnected, and an illness of either would directly impact the other. Natural dentistry involves the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and maintaining of oral health using natural therapies.

How is a biological dentist different from a regular one?

When it comes to the academic background, natural or biological dentists would have completed dental school with a DDS or DMD like any other dentist. They also offer almost all standard dental treatment procedures, such as cavity treatment, oral cleaning, routine consultations, periodontal treatment, etc. The actual difference lies in their approach to the treatment.

A conventional dentist treats only the symptoms of an oral condition. But, a biological dentist digs deeper to understand the root cause of the oral condition and address it once and for all. For instance, a regular dentist would clean a cavity and restore it using filling material. But, we will diagnose you thoroughly and enquire about your diet, physical activity levels, alcohol consumption, hormonal imbalance, sleep patterns, etc.

We usually avoid performing conventional root canal therapy, as the microbes in the mouth could enter the bloodstream and cause infections. We totally avoid using mercury or amalgam, or other metal restorations to restore the teeth. Instead, we use restorations made from dental-grade ceramic or composite resin that is biocompatible. In fact, we perform amalgam removal and replace them using tooth-colored materials. 

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