Routine Dental Care

Routine Dental Care

Visiting the dentist for routine dental consultations is crucial in preventing the onset of most oral conditions. It is advisable to see the dentist once every six months for a regular check-up along with maintaining optimum oral hygiene at home. This would ensure you do not deviate from the ideal state of oral health, and any unforeseen dental conditions can be spotted in the initial stages and treated accordingly.

What do routine dental visits include?

  • Oral cleaning:Oral cleaning is the process of removing the adhered tartar deposits from the teeth using ultrasonic scaling. We use a scaling appliance that contains a stainless steel tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies. When it is brought in contact with the calcified tartar, the deposits would be dislodged and washed away with the help of a jet of water. Similarly, the tooth roots would also be cleaned using the same technique. It is a prominent treatment when you have gum disease, as removing the bacterial accumulations would provide significant relief from the disease.
  • Fillings:Fillings are made from dental-grade ceramic or composite resin - both of which are biocompatible, tooth-colored materials used to restore the teeth. We will remove the decay from the cavity and disinfect it before preparing it for the procedure. Fillings are prepared according to the color of the teeth, placed in the cavity, shaped accordingly, and hardened using a curing light. If required, it will be trimmed and polished to enhance its aesthetics.
  • Preventive care:Preventing common oral conditions even before they can occur is one of the functions of a dentist. As a means of preventive care, we offer x-ray diagnosis, salivary diagnosis, dental sealants, oral cleaning, etc. All these procedures are simple, less time-consuming, and comprehensive.
  • Oral hygiene guidance:Brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice every day is crucial in limiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth. The dentist will suggest the right ways to brush and floss and the type of toothbrush and floss to be used for it.

Apart from professional treatment, it is crucial we maintain optimum oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing regularly, limiting the consumption of foods rich in sugar, acidic content, or artificial coloring, avoiding biting or chewing hard foods, etc.

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