5 Things to Know About Baby Teeth

5 Things to Know About Baby Teeth

Posted by NATURAL SMILES on Dec 24 2021, 03:11 AM

5 Things to Know About Baby Teeth

Baby teeth or deciduous teeth act as a bed for permanent teeth. Hence it is very important to care for these little pearls. Here are some things which every parent should know about baby teeth. 

Baby teeth are developed during pregnancy. At birth, babies have 20 teeth inside their jaw. Therefore, it is important to keep your baby’s teeth healthy and cavity-free. This will determine the health of permanent teeth and gums too.

Earlier the Better

Providing good oral care to your infant helps protect their teeth in adulthood as well. On the other hand, chances of permanent tooth decay are higher if baby teeth are decayed. 

A healthy diet with calcium-rich food and lots of fruits helps maintain oral health. To help reduce sugar cravings in children, try to include less sugary items in your baby’s diet.

Five Things to Know About Baby Teeth

1. Sugary Food Impacts Teeth

Babies that go to bed with sweetened milk develop baby bottle tooth decay. Bottle-fed milk can remain in the mouth for hours before being swallowed. This can cause erosion of enamel and lead to dental cavities. 

2. Baby Teeth Are Prone to Cavities 

Children, especially toddlers are fond of sugar-rich foods such as candies or cakes. Sugar acts as a source of food for the bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria cause teeth enamel to erode. Left untreated, this erosion forms tooth decay. Brushing helps to reduce tooth decay and other gum diseases in children.

3. Little bad habits can distort their teeth' shape.

Children who have habits like thumbsucking even after the age of 4put too much force on their upper incisors, making them protrude from the mouth causing "buck teeth." This habit can change the child's bite and damage their teeth. Due to these issues, children with misaligned teeth may need orthodontic treatment in the near future.

4. Tooth Loss Impacts the Child's Speech and Confidence

Oral health plays an important role since speech development occurs when permanent teeth are developed. And the early loss of baby teeth can impact permanent teeth placements. Losing a baby tooth early may also impact the child’s self-confidence.

5. Visiting a Pediatric Dentist Is a Must 

Make sure to visit a pediatric dentist with your child. Your dentist will help identify any issues with your child’s teeth and resolve them early on.

For more tips on how to care for your baby’s teeth, visit Natural Smiles Dental Center, 1800 Michael Faraday Dr. STE 205, Reston, VA 20190. Call us at (703) 595-4405 to schedule an appointment.

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