Holistic Dentist in Wolf Trap, VA

Holistic Dentist in Wolf Trap, VA

Chemicals such as mercury BPA are not used in our practice as they are toxic to the body. As holistic practitioners, we use the most biocompatible and safe filling materials.

Fluoride Free Dentistry in Wolf Trap, VA

Fluoride exposure is suspected of affecting almost every part of the human body, and its potential damaging qualities have been established in scientific research. Excessive amounts of fluoride absorption have been linked to many health concerns. So, we are fluoride-free dentistry.

Natural Dentist in Wolf Trap, VA

Tooth decay is not always because of insufficient fluorides; instead, it is caused by your food habits. If you consume excess processed carbohydrates, it can encourage the formation of cavities. Fresh, unprocessed, and seasonal foods, if eaten at regular intervals, will reduce decay. With our holistic approach, our natural dentist can give you tips on starting efficient oral health with healthy foods and proper eating habits.

Metal-Free Bridges in Wolf Trap, VA

A bridge is a restorative appliance used when several consecutive teeth are damaged or missing. The conventional bridges are made of metal frames with plastic teeth mounted on them. In metal-free bridges, titanium implants can be used to provide the necessary support to hold your prosthetic teeth in position.

Amalgam Removal in Wolf Trap, VA

Amalgam filling removals are performed as per symptoms. Studies show a reduced level of mercury in the blood after the removal of amalgam fillings. Before removing the mercury amalgam, the replacement filling material should also be decided as the damaged tooth requires a biocompatible substitute. The inefficient extraction of amalgam fillings may lead to dangerous mercury exposure, thus causing more harm than benefit.

Clear Braces in Wolf Trap, VA

However, unlike metal braces, the brackets are not made of metal but rather a transparent, ceramic material that blends in seamlessly with your teeth. As a result, your braces are less noticeable. The clear braces are attractive for some patients because of their discreet appearance while undergoing the treatment.

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