Holistic Dentist in Herndon, VA

Holistic Dentist in Herndon, VA

Holistic dental care is a therapeutic approach to dentistry. While planning dental procedures, your overall health is taken into consideration. At Natural Smiles Dental Center in Herndon, Virginia, our dentist Dr. Rahul Kumar, D.D.S., believes in using holistic methods towards dental care. We believe that your oral structures are a critical part of your body and can affect your general health in different ways.

Fluoride Free Dentistry in Herndon, VA

Fluoride is present in many substances, including public tap water, floss sticks, mouthwashes, and toothpaste. Most dental providers even provide fluoride treatments for patients who do not get sufficient fluorides in their water. Fluoride is safe and beneficial when used as advised but can be dangerous at high levels. Hence, for this reason, it is imperative for parents to oversee their children's use of fluoride-containing products carefully and to keep fluoride products out of their reach, especially for children under the age of six.

Natural Dentist in Herndon, VA

Natural dentistry focuses on recognizing your oral diseases, overall health, and the treatment of interconnected conditions. At Natural Smiles Dental Center in Herndon, Virginia, we use natural therapies in your dental treatment, combining western complementary therapies and eastern medicine with advanced dental procedures and technology.

Metal-Free Dental Bridges in Herndon, VA

For decades metal has been the standard material used in dentistry. It has proved to be an extremely efficient material in constructing various dental restorations. But with awareness about the harmful effects of metal on the human body, they are being increasingly replaced with biocompatible materials. The latest developments in dental technology have made it possible to provide metal-free dental crowns and bridges.

Amalgam Removal in Herndon, VA

In the past, amalgam was a common material used to fill cavities. The amalgam is still being used at many dental practices. Fillings made of amalgam are also known as silver fillings or metallic fillings. Over the years, several misgivings have been raised about amalgam fillings as it contains mercury which is highly toxic to the human body. Nowadays, tooth-colored fillings have replaced amalgam fillings which are considered safe and effective.

Clear Braces in Herndon, VA

While the metal braces are convenient and more advanced than ever before, many people still want their orthodontic treatment to be less apparent. That is why clear braces have become one of the most preferred types of braces for teens or older adults. Clear braces work similar to metal braces, but they are much less noticeable. At Natural Smiles Dental Center in Herndon, Virginia, we offer clear braces for our patients as we practice metal-free dentistry and deliver beautiful smiles.

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